Enquête de la SFMV auprès des MV sur la gestion des associations d'antithrombotiques dans la MTEV

Titre original : 
French vascular physicians'practices in indicating antiplatelet and anticoagulation therapy in venous thromboembolism.
Titre en français : 
Enquête de la SFMV auprès des MV sur la gestion des associations d'antithrombotiques dans la MTEV
Auteurs : 
Fayol A, Lanéelle D, Hoffmann C, Mahé G, Mahé I.
Revue : 
Vasa. 2019 Jul;48(4):355-360.

Résumé : 

Background: As antiplatelet therapy becomes widespread, physicians face the issue patients being treated with antiplatelet agents (APA) and anticoagulants for venous thromboembolism (VTE). Bleeding risk of this combination is increased 1.5-2.5-fold. The aim of this survey is to assess French vascular physician's management of this combination at the beginning of the treatment and at 6 months of treatment for VTE.

Patients and methods: French vascular physicians were surveyed between September and December 2017, using 4 fictional scenarios regarding a VTE event diagnosed in a patient under antiplatelet therapy plus isolated questions in an online questionnaire, sent by the French Society of Vascular Medicine to its members. Out of 1812 physicians, 179 returned valid questionnaires: the response rate was 9.9%. Results: Firstly 97.2% of respondents acknowledged extra risk with this combination; and 63% ceased antiplatelet therapy when initiating anticoagulants; while 36% did not. Secondly, four strategies emerged: 31.4% ceased APA and prescribed full-dose anticoagulants at initiation and at 6 months; 32% associated reduced-dose anticoagulation with APA at 6 months, regardless of what they decided at initiation; 16.5% prescribed isolated full-dose anticoagulants at initiation and reduced-dose at 6 months; lastly 11.2% associated full-dose anticoagulant with antiplatelet therapy at initiation and at 6 months.

Conclusions: French vascular physicians adopted different strategies according to estimated risk/benefit ratio. Prospective randomized controlled trials should compare these strategies in order to make recommendations.